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Teaching at KreaTov 2016

I am want to let you know I will be teaching in Sweden, KreaTov 2016. It will be in Gotland this summer.

 This year's theme is Felted Art. Here you can learn to paint with wool or other ways to create felted art - animals, sculptures, carpets, clothing and jewelry. You can also learn to work with different techniques for texture and expression in felt. The main language of the symposium is Swedish, but don´t let that stop you from participating – the most practical language will be used at the courses!
KreaTov starts Sunday July 31th at 5 pm and ends Thursday Aug 4th at 2.30 pm. KreaTov takes place at Gotlands folkhögskola in Hemse (a school for adult education) and is arranged by The Handicraft association of Gotland, in cooperation with Anso Norling at Gotlands Museum.

During the symposium you will get:
• Two courses of your choice. You choose your courses when you register

• Lectures

• Excursion

• Exhibitions. We will show an exhibition with Erik Torstensson on Gotland Art Museum

• Meals – breakfast, coffee, lunch, coffee, dinner and an evening snack
The fee for participation, room and board is 5500 SEK (double room with shower and toilet). Single rooms may, depending on demand, be obtained for 6000 SEK. If you want to stay an extra night at the school, please contact Daniel Malm, +46 498 20 36 50, e-mail

If you arrange your own accomodation the participation fee is 4000 SEK, and it includes the full symposium programme and all meals apart from breakfast. You find information about accommodation on the website:

Cost of materials is not included in the participation fee! Materials will be available for purchase on site.

Registration is done on a special form, where you specify which courses you want to take and how you want to stay.

Travel to and from Gotland:
By boat: Destination Gotland, or +46 771 22 33 00.

By airplane: Gotlandflyg, . Bus from the airport:

Gotland public transport (buses Visby-Hemse): or +46 498 218 218

Questions? If you have any questions about KreaTov, please contact Anso Norling, see below.

Welcome to KreaTov 2016!
Anso Norling, Gotlands Museum

Teacher: Erik Torstensson, Gothenburg
9 hours

We discuss different ways to create animals and figures made of wool mixed with other materials, such as wires, ball of yarn or fabric. After a simple sketch work, we see how different technologies can be combined, then our creation begins!

Teacher: Vera Frederiksen Zhotkevich, Karlskrona
9 hours
We are working on ideas for costume design. You learn how to adapt a pattern and technical secrets behind a comfortable felted garment. We study methods for laying out wool, combining different wool with different fabrics, teach us how to make textures and varying surfaces and transfer their thoughts and fantasies to the material.

Teacher: Åsa Ganell, Sveg
9 hours
We felt expressive pieces of jewelery, you can put them together into what you want to wear. A chain around your neck, a bracelet of cubes, one pin of flowers and leaves; plates, balls, pegs and cords ...

Teacher: Yulia Badian, London, GB
9 hours
Language: English
Luminaries are small sculptural pieces that are felted over a circular resist. The color comes from a LED-light inside them. They are a delight to make and use a variety of techniques to create transparency and strength. You will use one of the strong wools, silk fabric and locks for embellishment and texture.

Teacher: Renata Kraus, Vilnius, Lithuania
9 hours
Languag: English
It is fun to paint with wool and you don´t need to be a painter! Renata shows how to create a picture and how to work with colors for the right expression. Everything is wet-felted. Your picture can be used on an object, like a bag, or hang pretty on a wall.

Teacher: Anna Westin, Falun
9 hours
A course for those who want to explore patterns and felt large and thick. We make a carpet inspired by Gotlandic picture stones and try to get the carpet rough like real stone! Be prepared for both knee and footwork! You'll learn more about patterned carpets, how to compose and enlarge a pattern. All participants contribute with different parts of the image composition.

 ORIGAMI TWISTS Teacher: Yulia Badian, London, GB
9 hours
Language: English
Origami Twists are felted over a circular resist. They are worked inside out and use “double silk” for shimmer, texture and strength. You will be working with Merino and a variety of silk fibers and fabrics and learn to permanently fold a circle into a mandala.

Teacher: Gunilla Östbom, Gotland
9 hours
You will learn how to make different folds and pleats and pattern felt by tying into objects that will leave an impression. The technique is called shibori in Japanese. If you want a special color on the felt you can try to dye wool, it gives a clearer pattern. You will also work with nunofelting. And suddenly you get more opportunities for design. Color only wool, color only silk, color all or nothing!

Teacher: Paula Liinpää-Obenius, Töreboda
9 hours
Create a sculpture that will withstand the elements, be used in theater or play, or perhaps displayed in an exhibition ... This course gives you the knowledge and desire, anything is possible! We work with wet-felting, reservations, texture, other materials. It will be much shrinkage and powerful felting. The idea for the sculpture can come from nature, geometry, architecture.


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