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2017 m. gegužės 5 d., penktadienis

Book. Watercolor painting with wool

If you want to try to paint with wool just read my book Watercolor painting with wool:) I hope that it will be easy for you. Because I receive so mane positive review about my book every day and can cleary to say - You can do it too!

Dazie: Loving everything about this purchase, from the day enquired to today's that i am holdig it. The book is amazing, beautifully written and inspiring! Thank you Renata!!

Econica chop: Wonderful Book! Careful instructions and beautiful pictures. Thank You

Larissa o'Gormon:  The book is colourful and very inspiring

Fogboszorka: I am very happy to have this book. Lot of useful information. 

Vchtatski: Dear Renata! We recently received a wonderful artwork, which is your book "WATERCOLOUR PAINTING WITH WOOL". It is an amazing piece of art and perfect gift for my wife. It inspires creativity. We absolutely love everything about this book. Thank you for sharing your talent, experience and passion.

Kate: Wonderful Book! Well written with lots of pics. Invaluable information for felters of all levels. Thank You

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